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“Calling all Artists, Drawers, Mixed Media Creators, Painters, Sculptors, Welders”

“Strong Women Anthology”; submissions end June 2018.

The Strong Women Anthology will convey the strength of women in the world through images.

As you know, this is an important time for women of the world. I am giving artists as you an opportunity to submit their work during this time.

The book purpose is also to give artists an opportunity to be published without being charged money to do so. I am planning to give each artist two pages, one for their art and the other one for their statement . . . "Why art is important to humanity."

If you wish to purchase a copy of the book after it is published, you may do at a wholesale price, in other words you would be paying the same amount for the book as I will be paying. Postage costs vary especially if you live in another country.

Your work could communicate strength of a woman that you know personally or some famous person who has broke through the glass ceiling in their field of work, technology, science, the medical profession, education, etc.

A strong woman might be your Mom, Grandmother, and Auntie who raised a family and/or headed a family during the depression or traveled the oceans to come to America or even an ancestor in their own country other than America.

It could be a female teacher that you admired or a lady that helped out your town in your community.

It could be a saint from the past. It could be an abstract piece of art that conveys, "Strong Women/Strong Woman".

The images, submission date no later than June 1, 2018, are requested to be in high resolution so that the Anthology book has crisp and clear images.

I do not need original artworks.

In addition, if selected, then I would need a signed statement saying that I have permission to print the image one time for the book.

A donation will be made to a women and children's shelter from books sold after admin costs, postage, and miscellaneous costs have been paid.

You may submit as many "original" images as you would like. No copies of other people's art will be accepted.

Please send image(s) to

If I receive a large number of submissions, then I will have women artists and writers assist me in selecting the artists' works.

Sincerely, Pamela Carvajal Drapala