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Drapala Gallery ©2017

©2017 Drapala Gallery

The Fruitful Yuma Valley ©

Your beauty
is embroidered
with date palms,
with a patchwork

quilt of lettuce,
citrus, broccoli,
and cabbage

acres of purple,
green, yellow
against majestic
sherbet-colored skies.

Your rich soil is
hoed, seeded, watered,
and weeded by workers’
loyal hands,

and workers pick
your ripened fruits
from luscious
waves of foliage.

Oh, how we cherish
your fields of plenty
that provide us
life and sustenance.

Six generations
of my family
have been fed
from your bounty.

Now I give
thanks to God
for gracing
us with you.

Drapala LLC