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©2017 Drapala Gallery

“Mammoth Sunflowers”
Pamela Carvajal Drapala
June 8, 2017

Zebra patterned seed tucked into fertile land
With my paisley fashioned gloved hands
Placed them near plants with luscious leaves
Bushes, flowers, herbs, veggies, and trees

In a week, or perhaps, maybe two or three
Sprouts pushed through the surface’s canopy
Each grew sturdy, around two inches high
Looked like lime-green stems with two hands

Eager to grow up fast and high
Trying their best to touch the Yuma sky
Grew more leaves dotted with tiny bugs
Seedlings stood upright on nature’s russet rug

Many tiny ants ran from the ground
To the top of the sunflowers stalks
And then marching down, down, down
To the garden of hues of greens, reds, browns

Insects chewed on the foliage; uneven holes
Just like a hungry gopher or a pesky mole
Yet, the sunflowers didn’t give up
And, continued to grow and grow and grow

One sunflower taller than any other before
Even higher than our home’s patio door
Its leaves now the size of giants’ hands
I couldn’t quite comprehend or understand

This once, tiny sunflower
Grows higher, hour by hour
Into the heavenly blue, blue sky
And, I have, yet, to figure out why

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